the last airport trip

tangible relief

I don’t know if maybe it was hormones or I am really that overwhelmed with relief. I really need to start planning these seemingly catastrophic life events such as 1,000 mile moves, and re-moves, around more ideal times. Like the … Read More


The Comfort of Being At Mom’s

home is where your mom is.  Even though this past weekend resulted in feeling heartbroken and crying a few times, I don’t think I could have gotten through it without being at my mom’s. And it’s not even that it’s … Read More


i speak in lists

i have taken flight to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from Clearwater, Florida. alone. and mama doesn’t like being alone. i hate it. I’ve come to realize that i’m a bit of a confusingly polar opposite human being, seeing as though i 1) … Read More


mama bird builds a nest

house hunters: home #1, home #2, and home #3 I am playing my very own episode of House Hunters in my head. narrator: “Tiffany travels by plane from Florida to Pennsylvania to look at homes for their family to move … Read More

federal | colonial | civil war

where to next?

1. Our first home // 2. Our big, beautiful country home // 3. Our sleepy beach town home // 4. Our next home?   Well, I’ll just come right out with it. Florida. Not for me. I tried. We tried. … Read More

lao papaya salad

Lao Papaya Salad

I have learned how to make some of my most favorite dishes from my neighbor. Both of her parents were Lao and Thai, so the dishes that she creates in the kitchen, and the methodical way that she prepares them, … Read More

light + summery quilt-9

Quilts + New Journeys

can’t. stop. making. quilts.  my assumptions are that it’s twofold. 1) i have no other habitual tasks to fill my time with by not having instagram and facebook. and even though i have four wild, crazy, awesome kiddos, there are … Read More

light + summery quilt-3

ombre quilt

When I saw this hand dyed ombre fabric at a local fabric shop, I knew I wanted to make a quilt out of it. It was so soft, drapey, and imperfectly beautiful. I have just finished a fifth quilt using … Read More


simple quilting

  The simple definition of a quilt is: a blanket made of two layers of fabric, with a layer of cotton or wool sandwiched in between, all stitched firmly together using a decorative design. There is no quilt police saying … Read More