Chunky + Quick Crochet Baby Blanket

chunky quick crochet baby blanket | tiffany ruda

This blanket has instant wooby potential. My sister’s kids all have strong affections for any blanket/scarf/shawl that is loosely crocheted and offers open holes for them to stick their fingers through. It’s adorable. I really needed to busy my hands with something meaningful and purposeful, so I got the itch to crochet some gifts for […]

Farmhouse Kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

Yay, for making things pretty!  I could do this all day. I could spend my days designing the interior of restaurants, houses, doctor’s offices or grocery stores and be happy as a clam. It really doesn’t matter what type of space it is, chances are if it’s a space where people frequent and it has […]

Where Do You Go To Church?

Intergenerational Church

It’s a question that’s asked often, as soon as either of us makes mention to anyone outside of our little family bubble, about getting with God to pray through something, or if we’re telling a story that involves recalling that we didn’t have peace from the Lord to make a move, or if we vocally […]

More Farmhouse Progress: Layout


I have to be honest. Well, I’m always honest, to a fault actually, so maybe I should say I’m about to be vulnerable. I freaked out a little bit over the last few hours days weeks regarding building a farmhouse. It just feels like such a huge deal to take on, and I got cold […]

Farmhouse Progress, The Exterior


We received the first real rendering of the farm house that we’ve been designing. It’s blue, just like I had talked about before. I can picture it already, in all its blue gloriousness. There will be a wood fireplace in the main living space. I’m not sure how often we’ll be throwing a log on on the […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop and some Logo + Website Design

web design | tiffany ruda

I got a crazy, horrible burn on my hand the other day. I think it all started when we watched the movie Chef a couple weeks ago. I mean seriously. What a fantastic movie. It made me want to become a chef, a food photographer, a food critique, an artist, buy a food truck, go […]

5 Chronic Headache Remedies

Making A Guest Room-9

I had horrible, daily, chronic headaches until I was 30 years old. Every morning I woke up with one. I actually just thought it was a way of life and that I would always have to deal with them. The majority of them were their worst from my 20s until I turned 30, and I […]


Cornbread | Tiffany Ruda

Cornbread is a little, undiscovered, humble slab of goodness in our house lately. I have been experimenting with cornmeal and cornflour in baking and frying the last few months. Cornmeal has such a lovely flour. Some people may not favor the unique, crunchy texture, but I am really loving it. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how, as […]

Peanut Butter + Himalayan Salt Cookies

Peanut Butter + Himalayan Salt Cookies | Tiffany Ruda

Yesterday I made the kids a batch of Peanut Butter Cookies. 24 of them. They were gone in ten minutes. Nary a one left. I heard many “thank yous” and “you’re the best mommy in the worlds” and “you should make these every days”. Then I made pork fried rice for dinner. Even hand cut […]

Market Gardening, Small-Scale Organic Farming + Community

Small Scale Micro Gardening

Our reason for pursuing land is so that we can both feed ourselves and our community fresh food. We want to small scale organic farm enough land to feed our family, and a few others. We want to grow food and we want to see people’s faces. This is what we’ve got so far. The land […]