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I dabble in color. I go through phases sometimes where I crave color for like a minute, and then almost instantly, my brain feels super noisy and I neeeeeeed neutrals or I’ll get over stimulated and get crazy eyes. (true … Read More


The Humble Duvet

Is everyone familz with a duvet? A duvet is not the scratchy comforter that is found in the bed-in-a-bags at Target and JCPenneys. Just thinking about those makes me very uncomfortable. I just want to rid the world of those … Read More

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I Lied.

When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails. – H. Jackson Brown Jr. Guess what? There are no change police. There is no rule-keeping panel telling us that we cannot change our minds or that we aren’t … Read More

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True Hospitality

True hospitality has very little to do with the size of your home, how many seats you have, whether or not it’s an “open layout”, the fact that you might only have one bathroom or whether or not you can … Read More

rafterhouse exterior

Design Crush: Rafterhouse

Some people have celeb crushes. Maybe it’s Donnie Wahlberg. Or Barry Manilow. Mine? Builders, designers, and flippers. And Martha Stewart. A while ago, a friend turned me on to Rafterhouse, home renovators based out of Phoenix, Arizona, who take primarily … Read More

read alouds for girls

Fantastic Read Alouds For Girls

I cannot say enough wonderful things about these read aloud books for girls. It’s an entire series, each one written from the perceptive of the horse, (hence, “Horse Diaries”), and while at first you might think the concept has the … Read More

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Nothing Fancy, But It’s Keeping Me Afloat

We knew that our move back to Pennsylvania might not be easy. We have 3,000 square feet of house that we can’t live in. Which is totally fine with us. We are okay selling our house if the tenants buy … Read More

sherwin williams alabaster

A Sneak Peek

Or a quickie? Because sneak peek just sounds cryptic, which is annoying, but titling this “a quickie” just seemed wrong. But whatevs. A preview, if you will. This little bedroom directly off the kitchen was in desperate need of some … Read More

coconut bless. dairy free ice cream.

the best dairy free ice cream in the whole world

I truly married up with Jason. Imagine a female hot headed tornado meeting a male soft gentle breeze, getting married, and having babies. That’s us. Along with being such a trooper in dealing with all things female, (we really can … Read More