How To Make Hash Browns

This little egg topped goodness is a morning staple for us. All the best things in life. Protein, crispy potatoes and himalayan salty goodness.




learning how to care for an adopted puppy-16

Find Me In The Club

I’m really not an expert in anything. But I am a serial experience sharer. I think that’s how we all relate with each other. We experience things, learn from them, become passionate about them, and then we share them. Or … Read More

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Pad Thai

I owe the love of preparing pad thai to our Thai neighbor. She has been such a joyful blessing to us since day one of moving to Florida. She spent an entire day teaching me how to make her delicious … Read More

whilst browsing craigslist

Whilst Browsing Craigslist

Now that we’ve been living in Florida for three months, we’ve gotten into our rhythm and I have a good idea of what items we need to make this, and any other house we end up in by the sea, … Read More

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Coconut Oil Leg Shave: Edition 2

  Alrighty. There has been much feedback regarding shaving your stems with coconut oil. For every one of m’ladies who are singing the praises of your new silky, hot pants-ready legs, there seems to be just as many saying they … Read More

lab retriever pitbull mix


I’m just an all or nothing girl. Hot or cold. Black or white. I always have been. I knew a dog was in our future as a family. We tried birds/chickens/lizards and no disrespect to the small exotic and farm … Read More

Making A Guest Room-12

Anatomy Of A Guest Room

         Resources: the bed the frame sheet set bedskirt – the flat sheet from the sheet set pillows pillow cases comforter duvet, got a few years ago – similar to this headboard decor – a branch from our old stomping … Read More

Iced Mocha | Tiffany Ruda-7

Iced Mocha

What you need: a moka pot good coffee, espresso grind (we’ve been on an ethiopian yirgacheffe kick. mmmmm.) filtered water a heat source chocolate chips (ghiradelli double chocolate bittersweet chips are dairy free, BJ’s wholesale club for a 100 pound … Read More

when joy outweighs the burden | great things happen

When Joy Outweighs Burden

Something that has really stuck out to me over the past couple years, is how much of an impact it makes on your life when there is a challenge, task, hobby or situation that is taken on, in which the … Read More

best leg shave in the world-2

The Best Leg Shave You Will Ever Have

I’ve talked about how much my skin hates everything, and razors, shaving creams and body washes are no exception. Shaving was a nightmare. My legs would always end up dry, itchy, tight, sore and hideously broken out in shaving rash. Until now. … Read More