DIY wood cutting board

Handmade Wood Cutting Board

Although I’m sure you could totally go early settler and whittle this out of a raw tree stump or something, this is definitely a project where having the right tools makes it so enjoyable. I’m so excited for the warm … Read More

It Works Scam

It Works Global Scam

So apparently being able to inspire others and grow a team of individuals who want more than the “normal,” and an income greater than most conventional jobs is a scam. I happen to find FREEDOM in owning my time and … Read More

gluten free chicken noodle soup

Gluten Free 6 Ingredient Chicken Noodle Soup

Why do I always feel the need to say something before I share a recipe? What if this whole time I’ve been thinking I was a quiet, reserved, introverted person, when really I’m actually a chatty, loud, animated type? What … Read More

pinning lately


I came across this really neat journal prompt on Pinterest, and I thought, why not just overshare this with anyone who will listen?! Reading……Home Comforts, The Art and Science of Keeping House. Such a good book. Playing……Phillip Phillips radio on … Read More

living in a rental

One Good Thing About…

The sense of being at home is important to everyone’s well-being. If you do not get enough of it, your happiness, resilience, energy, humor, and courage will decrease. It is a complex thing, an amalgam. In part, it is a … Read More

modern farmhouse | blue exterior | white trim


Oh, blue. I don’t get too into the emotional effects of color. Just kidding. That’s a lie. I actually think about it a lot. I mean, God had to actually select a color for every single thing he created. I’m … Read More

labrador pit_

I provide unmeasurable amounts of joy and unconditional affection, while simultaneously releasing pounds of my fur into the air. The crazy lady with the white hair uses the stick vacuum and rubs my belly every time she walks by me. … Read More


We’re Building A House!

I went back and forth, to and fro, up, down and all around overthinking whether or not I’d start writing about how excited I am about building a house. Then I realized that no matter how hard I try, I … Read More