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Fiddle Fig

I’ll never stop loving plants. I remember seeing plants all over the house growing up. My mom has been the plant whisperer for as long as I can remember, and my dad can rock a veggie garden like nobody’s business. … Read More

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How We Homeschool

I love homeschooling. Have I said that before? I love being a mom. I love learning. I love teaching. I love hanging out with my kids. I love trying new things. I love encouraging. I love being encouraged. And I … Read More

DIY Weave Art-2

DIY Weave Art

I didn’t want to invest any money into this little weaving project that I had in mind because my attention span for these types of hobbies lately is that of a gnat. I used items that I already had on … Read More

Documenting A Documenter | Stacey Woods Photography-2

Documenting A Documenter

We all left the house excited. I know why the kids love being around her. She truly listens.  Not just the autopilot kind of listen where a child is babbling on and on and you’re just like, “uh huh….okay….wow….that’s great…..” … Read More

found shells -- honeymoon island --dunedin florida-6

Here are some simple, God of the Universe created, ocean kissed, joyful and inquisitive child discovered, images for your iPhone and iPad backgrounds. (press and hold, “save image”, then open in your photos and set as wallpaper.) enjoy, friends. xo, … Read More

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7:53 p.m.

I’ve been tossing the 7:00 bedtime to the wind. There’s too much life to live together. The kids and I enjoyed our first gulf coast sunset tonight, and I plan on watching as many sunsets as I can with my … Read More

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// what a really awesome day looks like. //

I have a teeny tiny little mental wish list that I’d like to invest in to make our home both beautiful to look at, and hardworking. Our homeschooling/beach combing/wave splashing/bread breaking/lego building daily lives means that I like to surround … Read More

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I See Him

I fully believe there is no other place on the earth that could make me feel so alive, as I do when I’m next to the sea. When my feet touch the sand, the very moment we start down the … Read More

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I Belong By The Sea

I got an email from a friend, whom I’ve never met or hugged in real life, (yet), from many miles away. The words jumped off my little iPhone screen straight into my heart. what happens when we allow ourselves the … Read More